Planning Your Office Vacation

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When planning an office trip, it is important to consider a location that will provide both a fun experience and allows for team build games and experiential learning for your staff. Keep in mind that you will be investing a large sum of money on the trip and you would want the trip to impact future business. Office vacations are important as they not only boost the morale of your staff but also brings people together enhancing team work back at the office bringing that positive energy into the work place.

When planning an office vacation there are many vital elements that need to be considered well in advance.

Some of the key elements that need to be planned ahead and booked to avoid disappointment include determining the location of your holiday, lodging arrangements, food and transport. Check this out if you are looking for an amazing event and corporate venues and affordable services. 

Listed below are a few crucial things you will want to consider;


Selecting a location can be complex as you do not want it to be too far from your starting point as this will waste valuable bonding time on the road. You also do not want to go over your allocated budget

Researching a number of venues like golf clubs Bendigo that you can reach by motorway and an easy service to rent busses online will be valuable. The venue should be able to easily handle all of your staff and have a spacious area for some team building exercises.

Appoint an organizing committee with individual staff members given the responsibility of being in charge of each of the key element such as food, the team building exercises and other activities to be held during the vacation.


Doing some advance research on the types of busses available for you to hire. Hiring a bus last minute can land you with a rather uncomfortable travelling experience and you do not want that. The comfort of your staff is in your hands based on your decision if you are going to hire a luxury coach or a standard bus. Depending on the number of staff attending you may need to hire either one or more busses from service that can rent busses online with a picture gallery of the seating and interior. You wouldn’t want to hear complaints from your staff regarding the comfort of the transportation at the very beginning of your vacation.


Calculate the number of rooms you will need and how many will be double and triple. In the spirit of team building it is advisable not to let the staff themselves decide on who will be allocated to what room and who they will be sharing with. This leads to “cliques” sticking together and not bonding with other outside of their “clique”Last but not least, you would want to check for your staffs dietary preferences as some maybe Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free or have allergies.